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Harrell D. Williams, Sr., is a screen writer, film director/producer, and film-maker in Austin, Texas. Harrell is also the Owner of "Heads-N-Crown Enterprises", "Flo-Rho-Lu-Ma Films", "Sound Ground Productions", "Black Film Group" and "U.S. Black Con...
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Black filmmakers, if your film is on the internet, and you want more exposure, link your film here!!


"Act 4 You" is a service designed to help actors/actresses produce a demo reel of their acting talent.

If you have a web series, link it here!!

U.S. Black Connections is a web site designed to help promote black businesses in the USA.

A Natural Choice - A Harrell D. Williams, Sr. Film (Free)
Carlene, a black woman, is confronted about her hair by her white boss, Lessa. To donate $10.00 (or more) towards my next film: Venmo... HarrellWilliams
Momma's Own - A Harrell D. Williams, Sr. film (free)
A mother risk everything to save her daughter from a bad situation. To donate $10.00 (or more) towards my next film: Venmo: @headsncro... HarrellWilliams
They Lost It - A Harrell D. Williams, Sr. film (free)
A young man is upset that his father is set to re-marry.  To stop the father from making what he thinks is a big mistake the young man devis... HarrellWilliams
Romans 12:19 - A Harrell D. Williams, Sr. film (free)
A daughter seeks revenge for her father who was murdered. In an attempt to even the score her whole family gets pulled in.  To donate $10... HarrellWilliams