About Me

Harrell D. Williams, Sr., is a screen writer, film director/producer, and film-maker in Austin, Texas. Harrell is also the Owner of "Heads-N-Crown Enterprises", "Flo-Rho-Lu-Ma Films", "Sound Ground Productions", "Black Film Group" and "U.S. Black Connections", all created as the result of Harrell's efforts to help others achieve their dreams.

As an African American, Harrell has a particular interest in helping to uplift his race.  Harrell's belief is, if more opportunities are available within the African American community, then America as a whole will benefit in a more diverse and harmonious, peaceful way.

Harrell’s films have screened at the Hollywood Black Film Festival, San Diego Black Film Festival, Charlotte Black Film Festival, St. Louis Black Film Festival, Twin Cities Black Film Festival, to name a few.

To hear music by Harrll and his writing partner Henri Kadima please visit: https://www.reverbnation.com/theagez

Peace, Harmony, Diversity and One Love are Harrell’s personal goals.